The core ingredient of your content mix, copy needs to deliver the right information to your reader in the right way. If it does its job properly, it can engage them and bring them along to the next stage of the communications funnel - towards understanding, appreciating and a sale!

Of course, to get people into your marketing funnel, SEO is important - something I can weave into your content. But webcrawlers also have an appetite for context and quality these days. So content needs to add value - and be a good read too!

I can help you with your copy needs - from short descriptor copy or social media posts, to long copy - articles, reports and larger projects. In whichever medium you need your story to be told - I can help you tell it.

You can see some of my articles on the subject of copy and content creation and management in the blog. And if you'd like to know more, or have a chat about your needs, please contact me.