Recommendations and Case Studies

Dan Moore

Owner / PATH DMC

"We wanted to take a look at our offer and our customer to make sure they were aligned. We were at the stage where business was healthy, but we wanted to make informed decisions for the future. Waynne helped us do just that."

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Paul Ayling

MD / WM Group

"... he imposed on us a highly innovative messaging matrix system, which successfully created the consistency of both message and style that is so often missing in large corporate communications.."

Kaaren Davoli

Brand Director / TomTom

"... understands how to build and manage localization/translation agencies and editorial teams for global brands. You can count on Waynne to manage your content teams end-to -end.

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Linda Walden

Head of Marketing & Communications / QinetiQ

"His drive and enthusiasm, combined with his high professional standard, make him reliable, resourceful and someone on whom you can totally rely to deliver a first class product.

Jochen Fischer

Head of Brand Identity & Media / TomTom

"He is a smart listener with a lot of empathy for the target, disciplined, curious, detail oriented, hands on and, last but most important, creative.
The solutions he puts forward work well, often giving a whole new perspective to the challenge.